UTV Seat by Pur-Pro

: $45.00

Looking to add a little more comfort to your off-roading adventures?   Need something a little (ALOT) more comfort for that back row?

The new Pur-Pro Terrain may just be the answer you have been looking for!

Unfold it and use it when you need it, close it up with the provided strap and stash it when you don’t – how much easier does it get?

Going through water? No problem, should everything get wet while you are playing the water can run  out through the drain hole in the bottom of the seat.   Muddy?  Just take a hose and rinse it off!

One of the best features of all of our products is that they do not soak up/absorb water!   With its frameless design, a narrower seat, and a slightly taller but more tapered back, the Terrain allows you to put comfort where comfort hasn’t fit!

Weighing in just at 4# this cushion has a seat width of a little over 14″ and a back height of around 13.5″.

Awesome addition to any UTV with uncomfortable back seats!