Ravin Crossbow Hanger

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Tired of holding your crossbow all day while you are stilling in your stand?  


Want an AMERICAN MADE product to safely hold your bow while in your stand?  Or better yet a hanger that can be used as a bipod or "kick stand" when using your bow?

Well, you found it.  American made Ravinbuddy, crossbow bow holder was designed for the hunter by a fellow hunter.  Use the hanger to hold your bow or use is as a bipod when shooting from a bench for solid shooting. 

Mounts under your quiver with and allows your quiver to be reinstalled with factory hardware.

Nothing else needs to be modified or purchased. 

You shoot the best bow, why not use the best bow hanger on the market? 

Stay away from that junk from China, and buy American Made to support American labor and business!

Happy Hunting!

Tested to fit the R5X, R9, R10 & 10X, R15, R20, R26 & 26X, R29 & 29X

DOES NOT FIT THE R18 or the R500.  

R500 is available, uses different mount.  Message me if interested in the R500.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions11 × 7 × 3 cm