Ultimate Clover Mix 1/8 acre

: $15.99

American Made Outdoorz Ultimate Clover Mix is a blend of premium clover seed to create the ultimate oasis for wildlife and pollinators.

1/8 acre bag perfect for creating micro plots and variety in your area.  This blend contains some of the most popular clovers for whitetails and other wildlife while also incorporating varieties that our fragile honey bees love, creating the Ultimate Clover Mix for hunting and helping our honey bees.

Did you know that  all clover returns some degree of Nitrogen to the soil?  Some return more than 100 lbs. of Nitrogen per acre annually.  Why does this matter?  It helps to makes the land better equipped for the next time you plant a food plot for your wildlife or a crop for yourself.

We do our best to minimize fill in our blends and that’s why you wont see fillers and grass seed in our blends.  Our philosophy is, “Plant a food plot, not a putting green”.

Fertilizer- Use a good 10-10-10 Granular 250 lbs. per acre
Ideal pH- 5.5 – 7.5 (test your soil)
Over seeding Rate- 5 – 10 lbs. per acre
Seeding Depth- 1/4 Inch with good seed to soil contact
Seeding Rate- 10 – 15 lbs. per acre (spreading with fertilizer or sand)
When to Plant- Fall & Spring (after ground temperatures have warmed)