Redi-Edge Mini-Multi Tool 40 degree angle-REOMINI-40

: $34.95

  • Brand: Klawhorn Industries
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The Redi-Edge Mini Multi Tool Sharpener was designed after the US Navy requested a tool that would sharpen straight and serrated blades. The Mini Multi Tool sharpens straight, double edged blades with its Duromite sharpening elements; these elements are factory set at a 40 degree inclusive angle to give your knives a consistent 20 degree double edge. The sharpener is also capable of sharpening serrated blades with the diamond coated honing rod that slides into the long end of the sharpener when it’s not in use. Crafted from military-grade aluminum to provide lightweight, long-lasting durability. Features a proprietary corrosion-resistant finish, a honing surface on the bottom, and a v-groove for fish hooks and needle points. This sharpener will keep your hunting, culinary, and work knives sharp and ready to use. The Redi-Edge Mini Multi Tool Sharpener offers a sharpening surface for fishing hooks, sewing needles, serrated knives, and straight blade knives to accommodate all your sharpening needs.