NBS100 Three Blade 100 grain (3 pack) Free Hat, Free 9″ Vinyl Sticker

: $33.96

1.250″ Cutting Circle or Diameter  1.875 Slash Factor. 420 SS .025 Thick Blades  51 RC with 31.5 angle of attack and 42 RC 416 Stainless Steel Trocar Tip

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The NBS100 (“No Bull S***!” NBS) is designed by John Musacchia, who has proven himself to be one of the best in the broadhead manufacturing industry. It is designed specifically for breaking and penetrating large bone such as shoulders.

The Trocar tip is recognized by the medical industry as the best penetrating point design known to man. The angles at which we have produced our trocar tip are specific to the needs of an archer turning the kinetic energy of an arrow into penetration performance on big bone.

*This broadhead is your best bet at breaking through hard bone such as the front shoulder of a big game animal and still making a lethal shot. It is designed for your success, not our wallets.*