God’A Grip Ammo Grip 10 – Shot – Self-customizing rifle/shotgun grip, advanced adhesive

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Try the new and innovative God’A Grip Ammo Grip 10 – Shot (Standard .223 to 30.06) 6 – Shot (Standard .223 to 30.06) 6 – Shot magnum (.410 to all magnum calibers) 5 – Shot shot gun (20ga to 10ga) For hunters tired of carrying the same old shell carrier? God’A Grip introduces the new Ammo Grip. This innovative ammo carrier attaches to rifles and shotguns and keeps ammo in place without shifting, sagging or moving around. The Ammo Grip attaches to the stock of a rifle by first installing the hook/loop backing pad. Then 5- to 10-shot carriers can be firmly attached while staying out of the way of the shooter’s actions. Ammo comes out when needed by simply pushing up on the bullet. When a carrier is empty, simply remove it and replace it with another preloaded carrier. Modular design means there is no need to buy an ammo grip for each rifle or shotgun. Inexpensive backs can be purchased separately and applied to each firearm enabling each to hold the same ammo grip. The backings hold solid to synthetic or wood stocks. As with all The God’A Grip products, the adhesive will not harm even the finest of stocks. Carriers are offered in a variety of models accommodating different shell sizes. They are made with 100% polyester to withstand UV and outdoor weather.
“No need to buy several ammo grips. Buy inexpensive backs and transfer ammo grip from firearm to firearm!”

Innovative Ammo Carrier - Ammo Grip by God' A Grip
Ammo Grips come with a detachable cover flap that securely holds your bullets in place. These flaps can be trimmed and customized to various degrees of holding power. “You can choose to use the flap or not use it. It is simple to add or remove,” says Michael Godard, owner of God’A Grip, Inc. “Shotgunners will love how the flap’s front band makes loading shells easy.”