CHEEKPADS – Made with shock absorbing Sorbothane, advanced adhesive. MPCP

: $19.95

The God’ A Grip Cheek Pad provides a shooter with a soft, comfortable, cushion-like surface that absorbs shock and recoil after the weapon is fired. The shock-absorbing qualities of the cheek pad allow the shooter to reposition his or her head on the stock after a round is fired more quickly and comfortably. Thanks to patented 3M adhesive, the pad applies quickly and easily to any stock and won’t damage the material beneath. Made from Sorbothane.

MCPC pad is a 3/16 inch thick, self adhesive Sorbathane cheek pad made for Magpul® PRS™ precision rifle/sniper stocks.  Textured Finish.



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Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions11 × 7 × 3 cm