American Made Outdoorz No Scent Powder

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  • Brand: American Made Outdoorz
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AMO scent eliminating powder was specially developed to absorb, neutralize and encapsulate human scent during hunting. To make yourself undetectable to animals, simply sprinkle the AMO scent eliminating  powder in your hunting boots, socks, hats, clothing and gear. This will truly eliminate human body and foot odor making it almost impossible for animals to detect hunters. This is sure to result in an advantage that will greatly increase your odds of seeing a trophy.

AMO scent eliminating powder is non-toxic, safe, natural, odorless, non-flammable and non-caustic. It is also an ideal environmentally friendly solution for eliminating human scents without adding pollutants to the air you breathe. It does not contain VOCs, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals and is especially beneficial for those suffering from allergies and chemical sensitivity.

To use, simply sprinkle on your clothes, place in your clothes tote overnight and deodorize your hunting clothes. Stays on clothing to continue absorbing odors all day.  Use to store clothing and boots between seasons to keep clothes scent free.



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