NEW AMO Bow Strips


If there’s one thing every bowhunter wants to do, that is to quiet their bow in hopes of harvesting a trophy animal.

For years, there have been few innovations in the accessory world for crossbows.  That is until now!

For a number of years we have been working on some bling for the crossbow hunters.  There are limited opportunities when it comes to adding accessories to your crossbow.  We felt in unfair and just not right.  So we set out to create something every crossbow hunter would be proud to add to their bows.  We call it American Made Outdoorz Bow Strips.

Currently available in these 3 colors, keep your eyes out for the addition of Zombie Green and a tactical color or two.


These strips were designed to be applied anywhere you want to reduce vibration and noise.  Add one to your grip or riser for comfort carrying your bow to the stand on those frigid days.  Or add them to your limbs, your stock or the barrel to reduce vibration and noise.  Partnering with Sorbothane and 3M, we have what we belief is the best universal accessory available to add to your crossbow or to your compound bow.  They are easily cut or trimmed so you can completely customize them to fit your application!

Please don’t just take our word, visit Sorbothane’s website and do your own research.  Sorbothane is absolutely one of the premier vibration absorbing materials on the market.  Period, end of discussion.  We figured if it is good enough for NASA, then it is good enough for us!  And since Sorbothane is used in the firearms industry we knew it would cross over into the archery industry without any issue.

So if you are looking to help quiet your compound bow or your crossbow, our AMO Bow Strips are your best solution.  American made and hunter approved, these little babies are going to look great and help add comfort and noise reduction to your bow.

Pick up a pair today.  You’ll be glad that you did and you’ll be supporting American manufacturing at the same time!

Installation instructions are available on the website.